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Modernising a business platform

A redesign of the platform was needed quickly. In collaboration with the internal team and a freelancer colleague, we designed and developed a new power user friendly user interface.



Business plattform screenshot of a website projectBusiness plattform screenshot of a website project

Projects challenge

For the project, I see the lack of a development roadmap as the most crucial factor for the new redesign. The project started with a lean architecture approach, meaning the MVP - minimum viable product - has continually grown with new features.

After a while, existing features were not logically combined, but were further developed side by side, and the importance of design, i.e. usability, decreased significantly.

Now we had to introduce a quick redesign at the beginning, but it shouldn't turn out to be trivial. My approach to work is not just to implement things blindly, but rather to create long-lasting, sustainable solutions that put a smile on the customer's face.


Projects approach

My credo for the business platform revision was “less is more”. This resulted in a design and technical combination of many components. The corporate identity (CI) has been modernized with a strong focus on minimalism. The layout was revised in simple units on all levels, both in terms of design and technology. Developed with simple user interface prototypes in Figma, we gave the customer something tangible from which my freelance colleague and I could derive the technical implementation.

We took advantage of the new features of nextjs14 so that only a few components used Client Side Rendering (CSR) and we took advantage of the well performing features such as suspense and speed of Server Side Rendering (SSR).

Due to the NDA agreement, I am not allowed to use actual project images. Big thanks to Pramod Tiwari for the picture.